By Erika Owen
June 22, 2015
London's 24-Hour Tube Map

The push for overnight tube service in London has been announced, and there's a brand-new map to go along with it. On Monday, Transport for London released the new map featuring more routes during high-demand ride times on Friday nights and early mornings on Saturday and Sunday. The new schedule will not only improve transport between central London and the outer neighborhoods, but it's also being instated just in time for the Rugby World Cup—kicking off Semptember 18th—where three of the 13 venues will be located in London (Twickenham Stadium, Olympic Stadium, and Wmblet Stadium).

The change is expected to cut an average of 20 minutes off of traveling times—up to an hour in some areas, depending on the line. The new service will start with five lines: Jubilee, Victoria, Central, Northern, and Piccadilly. Depending on the line, trains will run every eight and 20 minutes. This is only the beginning—there are more plans to expand other Underground lines, as well as part of the London Overground in the future.

This may be good news for late-night riders, but tube drivers are expressing concerns over the pay and job conditions. Ninety-seven percent of London Underground drivers voted to strike over the new service next month during an organized walk-out on July 8th. Currently, overnight service on The Underground is set to begin on September 12th.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.