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Carry on size change
Credit: Nancy Nehring/Getty Images

Traveling with just a carry-on is an art in itself. What to pack, how to pack it, and how to keep it lightweight are all skills seasoned travelers have learned along the way. But now, one airline is about make that even harder. United announced new carry-on rules that will limit low-fare fliers to one carry-on that fits under the seat in front of them. That’s right, no more hoping for space in the overhead bin—that will be reserved for higher-paying customers. [Fortune]

The only thing that may be more stressful than holiday travel is holiday dinners. You love your family but sometimes navigating opposing life views and in-laws can be tough. To make your life easier, here are seven stressful (and all too common!) family holiday situations: SOLVED. [Real Simple]

From coast to coast the food scene is always changing. Deciding which new restaurants are worth a visit can be daunting. Departures pulled together the most notable places to check out this month. [Departures]

Student loans cramping your travel budget? This new way to fund education may be the answer. Students are selling shares in themselves in return for a share of their post-graduation income—and it getting attention nationwide. [Money]

We know vacation can lead to weight loss and a better sex life, but did you know there are foods that do the same? And, no, it’s not just oysters; these seven foods can help set the mood, too. [Health]

Dream of living by the sea? How about living like a celebrity? Well, now you can do both. Cindy Crawford’s beachfront Malibu home is for sale and the views are breathtaking! [Coastal Living]

Some products are overpriced, but some are totally worth the investment. After all there’s nothing worse than going to pick up your checked luggage just to find out it’s been completely destroyed in its traveled. Here’s a list of travel accessories worth the extra buck. [FWX]

Some foods do not travel well, and if “heading home” for Thanksgiving involves a plane, train, or serious road trip, preparing to contribute to dinner can be tough. But, not to worry—this easy pumpkin pie recipe takes no time at all (and tastes delicious!). [Southern Living]