Credit: Getty Images

A Manchester hotel guest found themselves in an awkward situation—that is, totally naked outside their hotel room.

Greater Manchester Police found the person, whose identity has not released, was found wandering outside their hotel on Chorlton Street at 4:30 in the morning. The person wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, as reported by the BBC.

Luckily the Manchester police are used to handling strange incidents (like that time someone was trying to fight a lamp post, or that other time somebody tried to do away with fairies on taxi windshields), and handed the guest a jacket while conducting the interview. After the officers were assured that the guest's nude stroll was “proper somnambulism, not a dare,” the guest was escorted back to the hotel.

Officers reported that the guest was “grateful” for their help and, luckily, “saw the funny side themselves” and even asked for a selfie with the officers.