coffee and laptop
Credit: Tim Boyle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As a software developer, Darren Buckner was used to working remotely. In each city he lived and worked, he would compile a list of coffee shops, public spaces and other places he found to complete his various projects.

Knowing many other freelance and remote employees who kept their own lists, Buckner came up with the idea of Workfrom several years ago, as an online community that connects remote workers to each other to find spaces where they could focus.

Workfrom launched as a mobile app in October, and with a few clicks, users can find a place to write, code or complete the task at hand, whatever that may be.

“Our goal is really to provide this bedrock support for every member of the mobile workforce,” Buckner told Travel + Leisure.

By inputting their location and inserting a few parameters such as the type of space (public, private, café) and other details such as noise level, outlet availability and Wi-Fi, users can find a workspace crowd-sourced from other users, the Boston Globe reported.

“It streamlines what you can do online and it’s just much quicker,” Buckner said.

There are 30,000 registered users online, and 60,000 people use the platform every month, according to Buckner, who noted that the website had existed for several years before the app was launched. Locations are listed in 1,200 cities worldwide.

In an effort to build a community, owners of the establishments listed on Workfrom can partner with the app to approve their listing, letting users know that they are welcome to camp out with their laptops.