By Stacey Leasca
April 15, 2020

Going to the grocery store is an entirely different experience than it used to be. Just weeks ago, one could just waltz into their neighborhood store and pick up every item they needed. If something wasn’t stocked on the shelves it was merely a simple annoyance. But now, it’s considered a good day if you can get even half of the things on your list. However, a new app is hoping to change all that by letting people know what’s in stock before they even leave their homes.

“Shopping can be a frustrating experience when the items you need are out of stock. That’s especially true during times of high demand or shortages, as some are experiencing right now due to the Coronavirus pandemic,” Andrew Dushane and Matt Dupree, the two developers who created the new app WhatsInStock, wrote on their website. “And so the idea for In Stock was born. It’s a tool for neighbors to help each other shop confidently and efficiently anytime. And in this unprecedented pandemic, it can help us limit travel and in-person interaction as much as possible.”

The app relies on user-generated data. That means, users of the app must help one another out by reporting the items they find in a store, and what they don’t, after each grocery visit. That way, the next person that opens the app can see what’s in stock and what’s not at their local store — then continue to add to the chain.

Shelves at the Target department store in Wadsworth, Ohio are empty of supplies such as toilet paper and sanitizer a day after Ohio Governor Mike DeWine put in place a stay-at-home order.
Credit: Dustin Franz for The Washington Post via Getty Images

According to Fox35, the app currently has about 3,000 downloads, but the more people who download and use it the more helpful it can be.

So far, the developers say the majority of downloads are from the Orlando area, and they're hoping more people catch on.

"The more we can get the word out, the more people will have it, and the more useful it will be," Dushane told Fox35. "If they’re able to kind of know what’s available near them and just kind of get in and out, and have what they need, that’s what we were trying to accomplish.”

Ready to help? Download the app here and report on your next shopping trip to help your neighbors safely social distance and get all the products they need.