By Jessica Plautz
Updated: February 03, 2017
Getty Images

Australia is on many U.S. travelers' bucket lists, but it can be a challenge to actually make the plan and get to the other side of the world.

Virtual reality may not be a replacement for a vacation, but it can offer a quick escape from the everyday.

Australia's Qantas has launched a virtual reality app that offers the opportunity to take a virtual vacation to some of the continent's most dazzling destinations. The airline is hoping it'll inspire you to take a real vacation, but you don't have to spend anything to enjoy these views.

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Qantas currently features 13 videos, and has plans to add more, according to Stuck at the Airport.

The app is available on iOS and Google Play. If you don't have a virtual reality headset, you can enjoy the videos in 360-degree mode.

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Ready to go? This helicopter ride will give you an aerial view of Uluru, in the Northern Territory:

Or take a tour of the “Field of Light” art installation, also in Uluru:

Or get nautical with a trip to Hamilton Island: