A new all-you-can-fly service, OneGo, takes off.

By Nikki Ekstein
February 01, 2016
Credit: OneGo

If you were a fan of JetBlue’s long-gone All You Can Jet pass, which let travelers fly around the country for a fixed monthly fee, there’s reason to celebrate. Today, a new startup called OneGo is launching with a similar all-you-can-fly model.

The service offers unlimited flights on major airlines, covering more than 500 routes and 76 airports—all domestic, for now. Pricing depends on where you want to go rather than how often. The cheapest subscription costs $1,500 per month and covers just the western U.S.; other plans cover the central states ($1,950), the eastern seaboard ($2,300), or the entire country ($2,950).

How It Works

Sign up for a subscription and download the app—it’s available today on the iTunes store and will be coming to the Google Play store in March. Once you log in to your account, you can book your flights as you would on any other app (the interface will look familiar to anyone who has shopped for flights on their phone).

Subscribers can reserve up to four “active segments,” or one-way flights, at a time, and there’s no cutoff for last-minute bookings. That means you can decide to hop on a plane to Aspen the minute you see snow in the next-day forecast.

Another plus: you can renew your membership on a month-to-month basis, depending on how much you expect to travel.

The Cost-Savings Breakdown

OneGo operates sort of like an insurance agency or a gym; they’re betting that they’ll make money off of travelers who won’t use it enough to offset their membership cost. So here’s what it takes to get your money’s worth.

On the east coast, it’s possible to get last-minute flights connecting the region’s biggest business hubs (New York City, Boston, Washington D.C) for under $250 if you’re booking one week out. Cut the timing a little closer by booking flights a day or two out, and you’re looking at an average price point of $375. At that rate, it’ll take more than two round trips a week to break even.

If you’re in a secondary city like Philadelphia, the math works in your favor. Here, flying to regional hubs can run closer to $650 for a last-minute trip. Book one of those each week and you’ve already broken even.

The nationwide plan is where you can get the best value: Last-minute cross-country trips can easily run $700 and up, so one of those each week will justify the membership cost (and give you plenty of options for weekend leisure trips).

The Fine Print

Your monthly subscription includes all the flights your heart desires, but this is still an aviation business, so extra fees are unsurprisingly part of the equation. Each plan carries a premium for last-minute bookings (if you’re booking less than seven days in advance), unlimited changes, and the ability to hold more than four reservations at a time. A nationwide plan with all the available add-ons will cost you a pretty penny, at $6,600.

Without the add-ons, change fees apply; they’ll run you up to $200 per change, depending on timing.

The good news: any flight that’s available on a major site like Expedia will be available on OneGo, and you’ll only be offered non-stop routes.

Who It’s For

Business professionals who travel a lot for work make the best candidate for OneGo’s membership programs, especially if they live in a secondary city. (Make the case that you can save your company money by signing up, and you’ll get free leisure flights out of the deal—an excellent bargain.)

It’s also worth considering on a one-off basis. Say you’re about to book a particularly expensive last-minute flight, like the one I recently booked to Las Vegas for CES. At nearly $2,000, the cost of that last-minute ticket could have justified one month’s nation-wide membership at its base cost, provided I could take one more cross-country trip before it expired.

Otherwise, OneGo is for those who value convenience above all else. The experience of booking flights without regard for price means that you’re choosing routes based off of schedule alone—a perk that’s refreshing and highly valuable on its own.