Uber's Redesigned App Includes Language Translation, Clearer Pick-Up Instructions

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Uber's redesign is making using the ridesharing app even easier — wherever you are in the world.

According to a press release, new features in the app include in-app translation to communicate with drivers as well as clearer, easier to follow notifications and instructions – which are especially helpful when trying to get to your airport gate.

The introduction of the translation helps to reduce and miscommunication that can happen when riders and drivers have different preferred languages or if you're using Uber in a different country. Previously messages sent from drivers to riders would always appear in that driver’s preferred language, whether or not this was the rider’s preferred language.

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Now, the new feature allows for both parties to translate messages into their own language, and the app supports over 100 different languages for riders and drivers to communicate seamlessly.

“We anticipate this being most helpful for drivers whose primary language isn’t English, and for riders that are traveling abroad outside the U.S.,” the company said in the statement.

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In addition, your notifications on your ride are about to get more comprehensive — in a good way.

The company stated that the redesign features “sequence of rotating, actionable notifications” about your ride. These notifications can range from where to meet your driver, to how many minutes left until pickup, and better navigation and directions in traffic-heavy, public places like arenas, or airports that have specific instructions for Uber drivers.

According to Fast Company, this redesign feature was inspired by mass transit systems to streamline rides and offer more broadly understandable directions. In-app text is more readable, prominently showing riders their driver’s first name, license plate detail, car color/make/model, according to the company statement. Fast Company reported that license plate information is 70% larger in the redesign.

Uber’s in-app safety features are also still available in the redesign. The in-app translation is now available to all riders globally as of Thursday, Feb. 27 and riders worldwide can expect to see the redesigned experience in the next few days.

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