The ride-sharing platform's UberEVENTS enables party hosts to book pre-paid car service for their guests.

By Raisa Bruner
Updated: November 08, 2016
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Just in time for socialites to get inundated with a slew of holiday parties, Uber is here to ease the party season with its UberEVENTS service, which offers hosts the chance to pay—in advance—for their guests’ transportation to and from a soirée.

The process appears fairly painless: hosts create an event on the Uber website with details like time window and address, then distribute custom “ride passes” to guests. Guests apply the “ride pass” code to the ride they order, and then head to the party without worrying about surge pricing. As Uber notes, the perk for hosts is that, with no advance payment, you only pay for the rides that get used. (A more traditional car service would require advance booking.)

Hosts can also choose if they want to limit the codes to unique, one-time usage or get in the party spirit with a general free-for-all, where anyone can hop on board. The app’s holiday perk first rolled out in limited locations last year, but as the ride-sharing service has become ever more ubiquitous nationwide, it’s worth giving the option a second look to simplify the whole, onerous party-planning process. Plus, there's a better chance your event will be a success; everyone likes a free ride.