Uber Launches In-app Selfie Feature for Riders to Prove They're Wearing a Mask

The move will apply to riders who have been reported as having not worn a mask during a past trip.

In their latest effort to protect both drivers and riders, Uber is requiring riders to show they're wearing a mask by sending a selfie to their driver before getting in a vehicle, the company shared with Travel + Leisure on Tuesday.

While Uber said 99.5 percent of all trips taken have had no reported mask issues, the new policy, which features an in-app selfie capability, ensures compliance across the board. The move will apply to riders who have been reported as having not worn a mask during a past trip.

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“We require all Uber users to wear a mask when driving, riding, or delivering. That's why we're introducing this new mask verification feature into the rider app this month,” Sachin Kansal, the global head of safety and driver product at Uber, told T+L. “We believe it will add another layer of safety and hope this new feature empowers drivers - their feedback can help keep the platform safe for everyone.”

Since May, the company has required drivers, for both Uber and Uber Eats, to take a selfie to show they are wearing a mask before each shift and after taking breaks.

While riders have previously been required to wear a mask, they haven't been asked to prove it. Instead, riders would verify they are wearing a face covering and are healthy through a checklist in the app.

Uber will start to roll out the new policy in the coming weeks.

In addition to wearing masks, Uber requires drivers to regularly clean their vehicles and sanitize their hands. To that end, the company told T+L they have committed to providing drivers with free wipes, hand sanitizer, and masks through the end of the year.

Riders also have to sit in the back and open the windows for ventilation.

In total around the world, the rideshare company said 580 million Uber and Uber Eats trips have been masks verified.

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