Your travel photos could have a big impact on your love life.
Munich and Portland Men Dating App Photos
Credit: Corbis/VCG via Getty Images; Jordan Siemens/Getty Images

For travelers unlucky in love, here’s one tip: Posting travel photos on online dating profiles will make you more popular.

According to the dating app Hinge, travel photos are 30 percent more likely to receive likes than any other photos.

After analyzing more than 180,000 posts, Hinge's data scientists found that only about 3.4 percent of photos uploaded to the dating app are from travels — but it’s these photos that garner the most interaction.

However, the responses are not always equal. The study concluded that women are 33 percent more likely to respond to travel photos than men. And there are certain destinations that tend to elicit more interactions.

Maui and Santorini Women Dating App Photos
Credit: Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive; Getty Images/Westend61

For women, posting pictures from Maui or Santorini will receive 60 or 93 percent (respectively) more likes than an average photo. Men who post travel shots from Portland will get 56 percent more likes, while a photo from Munich can get up to 210 percent more action.

The study also found that single travelers in America are not created equally. The country’s most frequent globetrotters are found in San Francisco. Runners up were San Diego, New York City, Los Angeles and Austin.

Those unable to book a jaunt around the world shouldn’t despair for lack of love. If you can get to Brooklyn, there’s a wall of murals where wannabe jetsetters can fake world travels while saving for the actual thing.