There’s a new app to help you fight what may be the biggest inconvenience associated with traveling outside of your time zone.

In collaboration with Steven Lockley, Ph.D., an associate professor of medicine and an expert in circadian disorders at Harvard Medical School, Timeshifter has developed an app designed to beat jet lag. This “jet lag app” utilizes the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience to help frequent fliers and long distance travelers fight daytime fatigue and make the most of their vacations.

What makes this app so unique is that you can personalize it to your particular needs. “The problems caused by jet lag cannot be tackled using generic advice, which is oversimplistic and can often be counterproductive, making jet lag worse,” Lockley said on the Timeshifter website. “Each traveler and trip is different and requires a personalized approach taking your sleep pattern, chronotype, flight plan, and a range of personal preferences into account.”

When you first download the app, Timeshifter will prompt you to enter your name, gender, age, and the times you usually fall asleep and wake up. You can get even more specific with your preferences in the “settings” section; these include whether you would like to use caffeine or melatonin as a means to fight jet lag, your chronotype (e.g. early bird versus night owl), and if you want to start adjusting pre-travel.

Timeshifter app
Credit: Courtesy of Timeshifter

After you enter your first trip, Timeshifter will tell you what you need to do (and when you need to do it) to most easily adjust to local time, such as taking a nap, avoiding light, drinking caffeine (if that is one of your preferences), and looking at bright light. The app will send you advice notifications throughout the day, and the “practicality” filter makes it so that it is applicable to the real world. You can also use the jet lag app offline, so you know whether you should stay awake if you're mid-flight and the flight crew has dimmed the lights. There is even a Quick TurnaroundTM feature for business travelers taking short trips who do not need to fully adjust to the local time.

Timeshifter app helps you adjust to new time zones
Credit: Courtesy of Timeshifter

“Helping travelers overcome jet lag is a perfect example of how mobile devices will improve our lives in unexpected ways, and represents a paradigm shift in jet lag solutions,” Mickey Beyer-Clausen, CEO of Timeshifter, told PR Newswire. “We are thrilled to finally put an end to all the jet lag myths and misinformation out there, and instead offer an effective tool that truly addresses the underlying cause of jet lag.”

Timeshifter is now available for iOS and Android. Individual jet lag plans cost $9.99, and an annual subscription is $24.99.