It's time to kick your travel woes to the curb.

By Liva Judic
January 25, 2016
Credit: Eljagu

When you're planning a big trip, things can seem daunting and anxiety-inducing: what to pack, what to pack it in, how to avoid any and all disasters—the list goes on. Fortunately in this techy era, there are plenty of pro tools and tricks to keep you relaxed and worry-free during your next adventure.

Upgrade Your Luggage

There are two suitcases on the market that will remove any fears of stolen luggage: carry-on cases from Eljagu and Bluesmart with real-life, Bond-style gadgets embedded in each. They both connect to your phone and can be locked from a distance. Nifty, right? They also allow you to keep an eye on their locations. Like the "find my phone" function on an iPhone or iPad, a GPS tracker will allow you to see on your mobile device where your suitcase is at all times. It's not going anywhere without you. On your return trip home, use the integrated scales to make sure the weight is still carry-on compatible. Both Bluesmart and Eljagu suitcases have integrated batteries with USB ports for on-the-go charging, as well as ultra light and durable carbon fiber bodies. While Eljagu is slated to hit the market in early 2016, Bluesmart is already available for at a retail price of $399.

Keep Track of...Everything

If you're one to forget your phone on the plane or your makeup bag in your hotel room, then Chargerback is for you. It wont let you lose anything—provided you are traveling with one of the company's 10,000 partner airlines, hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks. Just go to the Chargerback website, create a profile, ping the place where you think you left your item, and write a simple message with a description. Chargerback will do all of the legwork to locate your lost belonging, and ship it to you wherever you are.

Accessorize with Tech

Former flight attendants have started a women's accessories line called Baggallini, with two products that specifically address all of your fears of identity theft: an RFID-safe wallet and passport holder. Both are made out of badio wave-blocking nylon fabric, preventing crooks from stealing information off the microchips found on your IDs, passports, and credit cards. The passport holder retails at $35 and the wallet at $65.

Lighten Up

Savvy Travelers created a special lamp called Lime Light, capable of staving off unwanted insects, highlighting traces of unsavory liquids, and deteccting fake bills. If you're afraid of pesty intruders, or skeptical of a large bill you got at a flea market, than the cost of Lime Light's $49.95 will still save you a vacation's worth of worries.

Concierge Apps

The app every nervous travelers needs now is called Mezi. Download it, and you instantly have a personal concierge to cater to all of your concerns and needs. Type in your request any time of the day or night (concert tickets to tomorrow's show, or that electronic toothbrush you just can't survive without) and real humans based in California will find it, buy it, and get it to you. They can even help you order food. Whether you're staying at an Airbnb or a hotel, you will feel like the most pampered VIP—wherever in the world you are.