By Nikki Ekstein
December 21, 2015

Starting today, Sheraton is helping travelers get in on the holiday spirit—even if flight delays start chipping away at the season’s charms. The brand’s new “Delight my Delay” campaign is aimed precisely at travelers who get mired along the course of their travels, whether that means getting stuck in a long TSA line, not being able to hail a cab, or—worst of all—finding out your flight won’t leave for another five hours.

If you wind up in any of those camps, here’s what to do: tweet at @sheratonhotels with a quick description of your holiday delay, including the hashtag #delightdelaysweeps. The company will respond to up to 250 people a day with a special code, redeemable at for all sorts of travel gifts (we’re talking anything from a new camera to a free vacation).

If you happen to get stuck at JFK or Dubai airports, you can also try your luck in person at one of Sheraton’s pop-up kiosks. Here, travelers can scan their boarding passes and earn one chance to win for every minute they’re delayed. Better yet, winners will receive two prizes—one for themselves and one to share. Spread the cheer, indeed.