By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
June 21, 2016
two women running
Credit: Getty Images

As many runners would tell you, the best way to check out a new city is by heading out for a run around town. It can also be one of the hardest things to do. Getting lost certainly doesn’t help when trying to stick to a training schedule. Luckily, there’s a travel app for that.

RunGo is the first-ever “virtual running partner” that offers turn-by-turn directions in real time, directly through the runner’s headphones. “This unique program is a personalized navigation system, similar to a car’s GPS, allowing runners to explore new terrain whenever they wish, eliminating the need for maps and memorizing new routes,” reads their site.

The app will also point out landmarks, essentially giving you a mini tour of the city as well as easily identifiable direction markers. On top of that, it makes suggestions based on the weather and time of day and will recommend a restaurant at the end of your run. And if you’re unsure of what route you want to take, you can check out runs others have taken to spark some ideas.