By Jessica Plautz
Updated: October 25, 2016

In a country rocked by recent terrorist attacks, an app that causes crowds to quickly gather and disburse is causing concern.

Pokémon Go, the app that's launched an augmented reality craze, became available in France on Sunday. Players frequented public spaces, eyes glued to their smartphone screens while they rushed around to catch rare Pokémon.

In the video above, players can be seen running through a park.

“Drivers, do not play Pokémon Go. Pedestrians, use extra caution,” the national police force posted on Twitter before the game was released, according to The Local.

Police also warned parents to pay attention to their children who are playing the game, in order to keep them safe.

While Pokémon players are looking to have some fun, security officers are rightly concerned when they see crowds rushing around.

The deadly attack in Nice earlier this month rocked the country that is still healing from last year's Paris attacks.

While Pokémon Go likely offers a welcome diversion as France perseveres, locals and visitors alike should remember to put safety first.