By Melissa Locker
Updated: January 21, 2017
Getty Images

Overnight, a last-minute booking app for short-term apartment rentals, has launched in New York City.

The mobile service—with listings available for same-day stays only—wants to take on Airbnb in the Big Apple. About 400 people in New York City have signed up to hosts guests in their apartments so far, according to Crain’s New York.

To make a booking, users drop a pin on the app's map, select a radius, and hit request. Overnight then generates a list of available accommodations in the area, providing listings suggestions by pairing travelers with hosts based on mutual friends, interests and booking history. After guests choose a listing, the host has 10 minutes to accept.

The app operates more like Uber than traditional accommodations.

Hosts set their own nightly rates, with current prices ranging from $30-$60 per night for shared accommodations with the host, $60-$100 per night for a private room, and $90-$220 per night for an entire apartment. Hosts are charged a 5 percent fee, while guests are charged a 15 percent fee. Reservations can be for up to five nights.

It is not legal in New York City to rent out entire apartments for less than 30 days, so Overnight is in the same questionable legal area as Airbnb unless hosts and guests are sharing accommodations.

Overnight only shows rooms and spaces that are immediately available for overnight stays, so it's not for planners.

Overnight has already launched in Los Angeles, Austin, and San Francisco, and has plans to expand beyond the U.S.