Good news for anyone left unfulfilled by the current range of travel emojis available on smartphones: EF Education First has launched a new keyboard called Travelmoji, with more than 100 emojis dedicated to the destinations, seasons, and practical aspects of travel. That means you’ll find emojis for the Eiffel Tower, people lounging in beach chairs, a sign for London’s Tube system, and more.

“It’s an interesting way to connect with this generation,” says Charlotta Falk, director of public relations for the International Language Centers division of EF Education First, a Europe-based educational company that provides cultural exchanges, study abroad, and language learning programs. Falk explains that given the company’s mission to break down language barriers, launching Travelmoji just made sense. After all, she says, “[Emojis are] a universal language.”

Travelmoji’s first batch of emojis focuses on summer travel with flip flops, sunglasses, a lifeguard stand, people in swimsuits, ice cream cones, and other beachy images, but there are also plenty of evergreen emojis on the keyboard.

Having a glass of wine? There are three emojis for the various full, half-full, and empty stages of drinking. There are also doughnuts, hot dogs, and baguettes, a messy hamburger and an even messier hamburger, and little text emojis that read, “Hola,” “Bye Bye,” “Oh lala,” “It’s Tea Time,” and more.

Another category in the Travelmoji app might be a little confusing to anyone unfamiliar with EF and its programs. Wolf and bear masks, a circus tent, a ferris wheel and more represent EF’s annual summer music festival Summeranza, a blowout party in London for more than 10,000 of EF’s study abroad students. Charli XCX headlined the sixth season of Summeranza earlier this month.

Though the emoji app wasn’t ready in time for this year’s festival, Falk says EF will definitely build on this category in time for next year.

EF also plans to roll out all manner of new emojis in the future. Each season will bring its own set of Travelmojis, Falk says, and the company also wants to create more emojis that represent travel itself. So there might one day be a symbol for a boarding pass, a suitcase, or some kind of visual explaining that you’re standing in line at airport security.

In the meantime, Travelmoji is available for download for both iOS and Android, and it’s optimized for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, Google+, Hangout, Viber, WeChat, KakaoTalk, and email—basically all your international travel communication tools.

“We’re very happy and proud to have launched [Travelmoji],” Falk says. “We think this is a clear universal language [and] any kind of easing of communication between nationalities and cultures is always something that we love. It just goes very well with what we want to achieve as a company and also as people.”