It's called Seateroo, and it's here to get you that guy's aisle seat.

By Caroline Hallemann
December 16, 2015
Getty Images/Brand X

We’ve all been there. Crammed in the middle seat, right behind the bathroom, just praying for a quick trip. Now, your in-flight discomfort is another passenger’s potential gain. Launching in January 2016 is Seateroo, a digital peer-to-peer marketplace for airline seats.

Don’t like your neighbor? Simply log on to the app to see how much it’ll cost you to move. Forgot to check-in and pick an aisle? You can even swap seats before boarding. The app is free to use (Seateroo takes a small service change) and rates are set by the other passengers, starting at just $5.

All that said, there are several caveats to the program. For one, while Seateroo is going to operate across all companies, many airlines won’t let you move from economy to a premium seat (first class, business class, etc.) if there are still premium seats available for purchase. Seateroo also discourages against swapping seats with a passenger in the emergency row unless explicitly given permission by a flight attendant, as there are eligibility restrictions for those seats. Additionally, flight attendants can prohibit any seat swap at any time at their discretion.

Plus the whole premise of the program depends on there being other people on the app, something we won’t be able to test until it goes live.