Most Used Emojis On Instagram 2016
Credit: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images

There's nothing like a good emoji to take your Instagram caption game to the next level. With the world hanging on to news of every emoji addition (You've got an avocado coming to an iPhone near you!), it's safe to say that we all have our favorites. This holds true when it comes to describing our Instagram photos, as well.

We've come a long way since the very first emoji: The pioneering set can be found within the walls of the Museum of Modern Art, and they're far from the emoticons you're used to seeing today.

The original set was made up of 176 symbols designed by Japanese mobile provider NTT DoCoMo way back in 1999. When emojis were first used, the intention was much more practical, according to MoMa architecture and design specialist Paul Galloway.

“It really was a functional interface,” he said in an interview with T+L. “Very quickly the intended use of these things went very differently.”

Instagram pulled together a list of the emojis that popped up most often in users' feeds this year. How many do you find yourself using?

1. Red Heart

red heart emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

2. Heart Eyes

heart eyes emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

3. Laughing Face

laugh emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

4. Kissing Face

kiss emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

5. Double Hearts

double heart emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

6. Smiling Face

smiling face emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

7. OK Sign

ok emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

8. Peace Sign

peace sign emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

9. Celebration

celebration emoji
Credit: Erika Owen

10. Blue Heart

blue heart emoji
Credit: Erika Owen