Most Used Instagram Filters for 2016
Credit: Erika Owen

Instagram filters have given even the most novice photographers the ability to post impressive shots with just the tap on the smartphone screen.

Whether you're looking to give your snapshot a moody black and white vibe or a saturated pop of color, Instagram has got your back.

But—like with emoji—everyone has their preferred filters. After all, there's nothing quite like a cohesive profile that follows a semi-specific color theme (Instagram goals, people).

Here are the ones that show up most often on people's feeds:

1. Clarendon

This filter will brighten the highlights found in your photos, while also making the shadows a bit bolder.

2. Gingham

Gingham will wash out your photos, giving darker shots a yellowish tinge and brighter snapshots even more exposure.

3. Juno

This filter is great if you're looking to brighten shots with lots of oranges, yellows, and reds.

4. Lark

Lark will intensify all of the colors in your shot, aside from red.

5. Moon

Fun fact: According to technology website Make Use Of, this filter was named after one of the Instagram team member's dog. This black and white filter will give a more intense feel to your shadows.