By Jessica Plautz
July 25, 2016
Credit: Mariusz Kluzniak/Getty Images

Moscow is getting inspired by the worldwide Pokémon Go craze.

Moscow City Hall has announced a revamped app that will allow users to “catch” historical figures, from Peter the Great to Yuri Gagarin. (Pokémon Go is not currently available in Russia.)

The “Get to Know Moscow. Photo” app had already been developed, but it is being re-imagined based on the hit game. The app should be available at the end of August, according to BBC.

Other Russian figures that could be represented the app include Ivan the Terrible, Alexander Pushkin, Soviet rock star Viktor Tsoi, and Napoleon.

“Get to Know Moscow. Photo” will give users the option to take selfies with the figures that users find. Officials hope the app will encourage locals to get outside more.