By Cailey Rizzo
December 19, 2019

Mobile Passport is becoming even more essential an app for every traveler.

This week, the app announced a partnership with RushMyPassport that allows travelers to renew their passport from the app itself. When a passport is approaching six months from its expiry, users will receive a push notification to guide them through the process of renewing their passport.

Traveler with suitcase checking on smartphone while walking in the international airport hall
Credit: Getty Images

Those who need a passport more quickly can use RushMyPassport. Last-minute travelers may be familiar with the service which provides expedited passport processing times, sometimes in as little as 24 hours for a fee.

“As part of the process, users will still need to mail in their old passports, along with a new passport photo, and paperwork which is all detailed as part of the application process,” Patrick Merfert, vice president of marketing for Airside Mobile (which owns Mobile Passport), told Travel + Leisure. However, the app’s portal makes the renewal process “much more streamlined and expedited than the traditional in-person passport application process,” he said.

For those unfamiliar: Mobile Passport is an app that gives travelers access to an expedited customs line at more than 30 air and cruise ports around the country — without having to purchase a service like Global Entry.

Travelers use the free app to submit their passport information to Customs and Border Patrol and are then able to pass through a different line where they take a selfie and answer standard customs kiosk questions.