Mental Health App Calm Will Pay $5,000 to Narrate Their Next Sleep Story

Here's how to put your soothing voice to good use (and make some money doing it).

Calm App
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If you've ever been told that your voice can put anyone to sleep, then you might be in luck. Calm, the award-winning sleep, and guided mediation app is looking for the world's most soothing voice to narrate its next sleep story, and it's asking TikTok for help.

The mental wellness app, that provides users with soothing music, scenes, and sleep stories, often narrated by celebrities such as Lebron James and Harry Styles is launching a contest on the popular social media platform. The contest was inspired by thousands of people tagging creators with voices that calm them down. The winner will not only narrate the company's next sleep story that will be available globally, but they will also win a cash prize of $5,000.

Starting on May 3, and using the hashtag #NextVoiceofCalm, those who'd like to apply should duet this video by reciting an original text in their most calming voice. The company points out that this can be anything from your last grocery list or your daily affirmations to a story you wrote. The only thing to keep in mind is that the recording shouldn't be longer than one minute. The contest will close on May 10, and about a month later, on June 7, the company will announce the winning entry. Over the summer, the winner will record their Calm sleep story, which will become available on the app in the fall.

To help contestants, the company has also put together a list of tips for successfully narrating a sleep story created by voiceover expert Erik Braa. These include slowing down, speaking quietly, and accentuating sleep-related terms like "sleep" and "snooze." Smiling while speaking is also a must because "it will always lift your voice," according to Braa.

And if you need some more inspiration, there are dozens of sleep stories on the app and sound bites on Instagram of some of the stories celebrities have recorded for Calm.

While the prize is a good financial motivator to enter the contest, you can also be helping a lot of people improve their sleep habits. According to experts, bedtime stories can decrease anxiety and cause a drop in blood pressure and heart rate, making it easier to fall asleep.

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