By Andrea Romano
October 12, 2018
Google Maps

Heartbreak can happen at the most unexpected times, but you never really anticipate it when you’re just looking for directions.

According to Techspot, a man in Peru discovered that his wife was with another man when he was simply trying to find directions to a bridge in Lima using Google Maps. As he searched through the street view, he happened upon a screenshot of a woman who looked remarkably like his wife sitting on a bench on a lovely, flower-lined street, with a man resting his head on her lap.

Well, that’s suspicious, to say the least.

The picture itself was taken back in 2013, but was still recent enough to pique the husband’s curiosity.

Latin American news site La Cronica reported that the husband posted the whole ordeal on social media and divorced his wife shortly after, according to Techspot.

To make matters worse (or just more poetic) the bridge in question is actually named the Puente de los Suspiros, or the "Bridge of Sighs" in English, reported MSN.

Sigh. Lost love is just a little bit worse when it comes from a Google search.