Road Trip
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Your summer road trip is about to get a little more awesome. Not only do you have the joy of seeing the country’s sites, but you can actually make money while doing it as well. Roadie is a new peer-to-peer delivery service that allows people to make extra cash on trips they are already taking.

How does it work? This new platform connects road trippers with those who need an affordable and safe delivery service. You’ll be tasked with delivering packages to the next city, state, or even across the country. Most local gigs will pay between $8 and $50, and long distance jobs with oversized items can pay up to $600.

Roadie App
Credit: Roadie

On top of that, repeat drivers (who are essentially contractors the way Uber drivers are) can write off mileage on their taxes for places they were driving to anyway, and they will also get free roadside assistance. Perhaps the best perk of all is that you’ll get free coffee and a waffle at any Waffle House in the country. Honestly, do you need any more of an incentive?

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw