Couple's Long Distance Travel Photos

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard — there's no way around that. But with today's technology, there are things that can be done to make life a little easier without your partner in crime: FaceTime, spontaneous Instagram messages, telegrams (yeah, you can still send those).

There's one couple in particular that has managed to give off some major #couplegoals despite being in completely different time zones.

Couple's Long Distance Travel Photos

Half Half Travel is made up of Becca and Dan, a couple who have found themselves exploring the world from different home bases. Both photographers, Becca is based in Manhattan and Dan is part of the Remote Year program, which sends him to a different city around the world every month.

So, how do two photo-inclined people make a relationship from across the world work? They made an Instagram account, of course.

By editing their photos together, the couple is able to share shots that show both sides of their world — one half from Dan's and the other from Becca's. For any couple that's experienced a bit of distance, it'll pull at your heartstrings. From Iceland and South Africa to Colombia and Portugal, the couple has traveled the world, not physically together, but certainly in spirit.

Want to follow along on their travels? Check out the Half Half Travel Instagram page.