passport renewal
Credit: Getty Images/ ItsEasy

Take the process of renewing your passport into your own hands with iOS app ItsEasy. The government-recognized mobile program claims to be the first of its kind, allowing users to take their passport renewal photos via iPhone—no trip to the drugstore required. The company's employees then evaluate the images to ensure they're up to standard—no glasses, looking straight ahead, white background, etc.

If you already have a passport renewal or visa application in the ItsEasy system, the app will attach your digital photos to the order in-progress, or, if you prefer to go directly through the government, but don’t have time to hit up Walgreens, you can have a physical copy of the photos delivered, a service that starts at just $5.95.

The app is free to download, and fees for the ItsEasy service start at $89 in addition to the standard U.S. State department fee of $170. However, if you're really in a rush, the company boasts a 1-3 day rush service for $269 in addition to the government fees.