Never wait to post your leaning Tower of Pisa Instagrams again.

A man dressed up like an ancient Roman, in front of the Trevi fountain, is checking his mobile phone, w
Credit: Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images

Travelers, have no fear. You can stay connected anywhere from Rome to Milan now that the Italian government is launching an app, called Wifi Italia, that will allow residents and tourists alike to connect to wifi across the country using a single log-in.

Wifi hotspots such as railway stations, hotels and public institutions will be set up all over the country in areas of high traffic, where users can connect via the app, without filling in any further details after the initial authentication process. So, you can protect your identity and conserve your international data while also staying connected.

The app has both Italian and English language options, and has been launched in tourist hotspots including Rome, Milan, and Tuscany, according to The Local.

The Italian Ministry for Culture plans to use the new app as a tool for tourism, allowing visitors to use the app to book tickets for destinations like museums and research different sights more easily.

The Wifi Italia app is available on Google Play and the App Store, but it has received mixed reviews. Italian newspaper Repubblica called the app a “flop” due to connection issues in Rome and Milan. The app will be updated in the coming months for better coverage.

Italy has some of the slowest average internet speeds in Europe, The Local reported, so it might take a while for the Wi-Fi app to catch up.

Still, anything that saves you from data roaming charges is good news.