By Lindsey Campbell
October 26, 2017
“Superzoom” is being introduced for Halloween, for a dramatic (and probably hilarious) video effect.
Courtesy of Instagram

Earlier this week, Instagram announced the ability to go live with a friend, and today they are rolling out another fun update to the app: Superzoom.

Similar to the Boomerang feature, Superzoom gives users another way to spice up their Instagram Story.

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The feature offers the ability to zoom into a specific object, with dramatic music for added impact.

Courtesy of Instagram

To use Superzoom, open the camera within the app, scroll sideways to Superzoom, and tap and hold to record.

The effect works on anything: selfies, pets, objects, friend’s faces. Finish the zoom, then send directly to a friend or add to your story.

Courtesy of Instagram

If dramatic zooms and going live with friends aren't enough for you, Instagram is also rolling out Halloween face filters and stickers for the spooky holiday.

The Halloween face filters Instagram is adding.
Courtesy of Instagram

But act fast, you’ll only be able to transform into a zombie, vampire, or flying bat until November 1.