By Cailey Rizzo
Updated: December 02, 2016

For those traveling home this Thanksgiving and dreading being asked “What’s new?” by distant relatives, we may have the perfect answer to this question: Instagram Live Stories.

The social network began testing two new features this week that will roll out to all users within the coming weeks.

Instagram Live Stories will allow users to stream direct to their followers, similar if not almost identical to Facebook Live. The video will only be available as it’s happening—meaning followers must tune in live to catch it. Live stories is the perfect way to show friends your strange uncle’s rants at the dinner table without leaving any evidence that could be used against you come Christmas time.

Users will be alerted that someone they’re following is live at the top of their feed with an icon displayed under their avatar. They can also choose to be alerted every time someone they follow goes live or explore top live video happening around the globe that very second.

Followers can like and comment on video as it’s happening. The new feature is stored in Instagram’s Story section of the app.

Instagram also introduced “disappearing photos” for its direct and group message service. For those who want to send pictures of an elaborate Thanksgiving spread but want the incriminating evidence to disappear after the meal’s been digested, this could be an ideal option.

We also recommend sending tryptophan-induced selfies via disappearing photos.

Basically anything that happens during Thanksgiving festivities this week is fair game for Instagram’s new features.