By Melanie Lieberman
June 15, 2016
Getty Images

Whether you’re scheduling meetings and conferences for a business trip, or just keeping track of all the fun things you’re going to do on vacation, organizing your mobile calendar can be a huge part of planning travel.

As PC Mag points out, keeping reservations and plans in order when your scheduling across time zones can be a massive headache. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to view your Google Calendar in two time zones at once—keeping your present self and future self synchronized.

To start, go to your Google Calendar’s Settings page. Here, select “Show an additional time zone” and choose which one applies. If you’re not certain, select a different country to populate the correct time zone.

When you’ve chosen your additional time zone, check “Display all time zones,” and then be sure to press save. Your calendar will populate two separate hour columns—one for each time zone. This makes it really easy to see, for scheduling purposes, how your itinerary is panning out.

Now, make sure to set appointments for the time they will actually occur—don’t schedule three hours ahead or count back six hours. When you add an event to your calendar (maybe, book flights for a trip to Europe on Tuesday) indicate whether it's 11 p.m. EST, PST, or whatever time zone you’re scheduling for. Google Calendar will automatically keep these events in the correct time slot when you arrive at your destination.

If you’re manually “creating” an event, rather than doing a quick add, select the appropriate time zone from the drop down menu. For more information on this process, click here. And to see how ‘Destinations on Google’ can help you select all those activities, check out this guide.

Melanie Lieberman is the Assistant Digital Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @melanietaryn.