By Andrea Romano
January 22, 2019

There’s no button like home. There’s no button like home.

If you’ve got any iPhone version X or later, you may be missing the home button. Even if you know on some gut level that you don’t really need the button, it’s okay to want it back.

But you don’t have to go on without it. There’s a simple hack that will let you bring back the home button from the land of obsolete features.

Open “Settings” and go to “General” then “Accessibility.” Scroll down until you see a section labeled “Interaction” and then click on “AssistiveTouch.” On the following screen, where you see “AssistiveTouch” again, toggle the option so it appears green.

At this point, a gray square with a white circle will appear on your screen. Say hello to your new home button. You can customize this new home button to function however you would like. It can take you back to the home screen with one tap, activate Siri with a long hold or take you into your control panel.

This little box will remain visible as you use your phone and you can drag it around your screen so it’s out of the way of any apps or commands you may need.

If you’re just getting to know your new iPhone, you can also set it up with new levels of customizability, including rejigging the control center, opting out of “essential” apps and even setting new shortcuts for what you use most.

Say it again: there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.