Google Travel's Covid-19 Info Feature Helps You Plan Safer Vacations

Google saw you searching for pandemic vacation ideas and wanted to help.

Booking travel online isn't as easy as it used to be. Covid-19-related restrictions and case counts are constantly changing, flights are being delayed or canceled, and there's a chance at least some of the sights on your bucket list might be closed, require timed-ticket entry, or have limited operation times.

Throughout all this, Google saw you searching for pandemic vacation ideas and wanted to help. The search giant has pulled together coronavirus data and other relevant information on local attractions, flights, and hotels, positioning itself as a one-stop shop for pandemic-era travel planning.

Simply type in any destination at, and you'll be able to find key details including the percentage of available hotel rooms and the percentage of flights operating the route. You'll also get access to additional information regarding the average prices for flights and hotels as well as links to current travel advisories and local disease trends.

"The No. 1 question we are getting is: Can we travel safely at all? And we've tried to address that by including advisory updates in travel searches," Richard Holden, vice president of product management for Google told Bloomberg. "The next question is where? And when I do decide to emerge, what will be operational?"

You'll also be able to view current Covid-19 conditions in the places you want to visit. Simply search for your desired destination on the main Google Travel page and click on the "Covid-19 Trends In ___" tab near the top. From there, you can access more links to up-to-date information and statistics regarding the number of active cases and other pandemic-related news from that particular area.

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Google also added information about accommodations that offer free cancellations. "Due to the uncertainty around Covid-19, people often want flexibility when making travel plans," reps for Google said.

If you're not quite ready to travel yet, allows users to plan ahead by pinning must-see sights onto a Google Map and tracking flight and hotel prices, all in one spot.

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