The tech company has introduced new scanning, editing, and sharing capabilities.

By Stephanie Wu
November 15, 2016
Google Photos update
Credit: Getty Images

Google revealed three major updates to its photo software on Tuesday.

Here’s what you need to know about the changes.

Scan Print Photos Without Glare

PhotoScan, a new app available on Android now and iOS soon, lets you easily scan printed photos.

While in the app, hover your phone above the photo to take a scan. Four dots will appear on the photo: Move your camera around to connect the four dots and complete the scan.

These dots adjust for bright-white glare, layering photos above one another to create one complete image without those dreaded white spots. The app will also automatically crop the background and rotate the image.

Google Photos update
Credit: Courtesy of Google

Images can be downloaded into your photo library, and if you’re using Google Photos to store your images, it will automatically detect faces and store them with your other images.

Editing Tools in Google Photos

Google has added advanced editing capability to its Google Photos app. Aside from a selection of 12 new filters (called “looks”), which are inspired a variety of photography genres, there are also specific editing controls. The Auto-Enhance option immediately improves photos, but users also have the ability to adjust everything from saturation and color to skin tone. There’s also a new Deep Blue editing function—great for improving all your sky and water shots without oversaturating the rest of the image.

Google Photos update
Credit: Courtesy of Google

Album Sharing

There are now easier ways to share albums with friends—ideal for group trips where you want to pool your photos.

The best part is that not everyone needs to be on the same platform in order to see the images you’re sending. Friends who are also on Google Photos can add to your shared album, and those who aren’t will receive a link—via e-mail or text—to easily download and view images as new ones are added.