Google Maps directions for public transit
Credit: Google

Google Maps is introducing a new feature that makes it almost impossible to miss your stop on public transit.

An update will soon roll out to Google Maps that will alert users when their stop on public transport is coming up, according to TechCrunch. The update will give users real-time updates about public transit as they are riding it.

To activate the feature, users input their destination (as usual) and hit a new “start” button on the bottom of the screen. As they progress through their journey, Google Maps will send any updates, including a reminder to get off the train or bus, via notifications on the lock screen.

The new feature would be especially useful for navigating a new city or for commuters who want to take a nap on the train without missing their stop.

Although Google has already rolled out a version for its trusted tester community, it’s unclear when the feature will be made available for all users — and if it will be supported by all platforms.

The update is not the only new feature Google Maps has introduced this year. Last month, the app launched a new feature that informed users of the wait times at nearby restaurants and earlier this year, users were able to start sharing their locations with friends and family in real time.