Google Maps adds location sharing.
Credit: Filippo Bacci/Getty Images

Google Maps announced a new feature on Wednesday that could make traveling with and meeting up with friends or family much easier.

The company is rolling out real-time location sharing, on both iOS and Android, so users can send their location to others or let them know when they'll arrive.

To share your current location, open the side menu or tap the blue dot that represents where you are. There is a “Share Location” option, which will then let you choose who to share with, whether that's a Google contact or anyone you're in touch with on messenger apps.

After you send it, the other person will be able to see you on their map. While you're actively sharing your location, there will be an icon above the compass.

You can also share your location while in navigation mode, and the other person can get updates on when you'll arrive. In that case, sharing ends once you arrive.

Adding location sharing is somewhat overdue for Google Maps — Apple added the feature to its maps in 2014 — but Google+ had a similar feature. For those who prefer Google Maps, however, this feature could likely replace any other method they've been using.