Now you can create and share lists of where you want to go.


Google Maps launched a new feature on Monday called Lists, which is exactly what it sounds like: Lists of places you want to go, better organized and easily available within the app, whether you're on Android or iOS.

The purpose of Lists is to give users the ability to track where they want to go and more easily share recommendations with others, according to the company.

To create a list:

  1. Find a location or address in Google Maps
  2. Tap on the place name
  3. Tap “Save” to add it to a pre-existing list or create a new list
  4. View or edit your lists on- or offline

You can share your own lists or follow others' lists via a link. So if you're an expert on where to listen to live music in New Orleans, or have a friend who knows where to find the best barbecue in Kansas City, Google Maps' Lists is available for sharing the knowledge.

While it was possible to save locations on Maps before, Lists makes organizing much easier.

Some example lists that Google Maps' employees shared included child-friendly locations in Tokyo, and what to do on a weekend trip to Munich.

Google Maps adds Lists to create, share, and follow lists of places you want to go.
Credit: Courtesy of Google Maps

The feature was already available to some publishers and Local Guides as of last year, and is now coming to the masses. TechCrunch reported in January that the feature was being rolled out to additional users, foretelling Monday's launch.

Lists are also available offline, and places on your lists will appear on maps you've downloaded to your phone.