Now you can discover even more on Instagram.

Instagram has always been a place where you can follow your friends, family, favorite celebrities, and the cutest pets. But now, it’s going to be the place where you can follow your interests without having to dig around to find the best accounts.

Starting Tuesday, Instagram is allowing users to not only follow their favorite accounts, but to also follow popular hashtags to help them discover more posts involving the interests and communities they care about, right in their feeds.


That's right, no more wasting time breaking away from your busy day of scrolling to search for new and interesting stuff on Instagram.

When users visit a hashtag page, all they need to do is click “follow” and the best posts under that hashtag will start appearing in their feed alongside their favorite Instagram dogs and their mom’s latest food pic.

For example, if you're a total #avgeek, just search #aviation, and get several daily doses of the best plane photography Instagram has to offer.

And to find more hashtags you like, you can click on hashtags your friends are using to discover more things that might interest you. “Following a hashtag is just like following a friend,” according to Instagram's blog.

You might never want to stop scrolling for new ideas.