Facebook Local app New York City Chinese New Year Festival
Credit: Courtesy of Facebook; Michael Nagle/Getty Images [edited]

If you’ve ever been in an unfamiliar neighborhood wondering where to eat, scoured the internet for the best hair salon, or flip-flopped over whether you wanted to go to that speakeasy downtown, Facebook is proposing a new solution.

The social media giant announced their latest app, Facebook Local, on Friday. The service recommends restaurants, coffee shops, events, and services based on recommendations from your Facebook friends.

Much like Google Maps or Yelp, Local uses your location data from your phone to suggestions for where to go and what to do. Unlike the other apps, the recommendations are coming from what friends like.

This isn't the first time Facebook has tried to tap into friends' interests to offer users tips. Last year, for example, the platform rolled out Featured Events.

Local will recommend events that your friends are going to while also offering tips on things like new restaurants or the best places to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

You can also recommend places you’ve been so your friends can see them, and respond to Facebook event invites through the app.

Local has potential to give users new ideas for exploring their own city or giving them insider tips on less “touristy” spots in places their friends live.

Facebook Local is available for iOS and Android.