Detour walking tours
Credit: Courtesy of Detour

There's nothing more exciting than venturing off the beaten path and exploring little-known spots while traveling, especially when led by someone who knows the place inside-out. And now, thanks to audio guide app Detour's new "Detour Everywhere" launch in 19 cities around the world, all you need to have a local guide at your fingertips is a phone.

Detour's local experts include filmmaker Ken Burns, who will walk you through his neighborhood in Brooklyn, actor Joel Grey, who will take you around Broadway, and chef Marcus Samuelsson, who will help you eat your way through Harlem.

The app also offers augmented reality so travelers can see how the place they're exploring has changed through time. Started in San Francisco, the tours are now available in the most popular travel destinations in the U.S., Western Europe, and Asia.

The app is free, as is the first 10 minutes of any tour. If one piques your interest, the full tour can be downloaded for $5.

New tours available on the app include “The Great Fire,” which details the devastating fire that destroyed London in 1666, “Potlandia,” which digs deep into Portland’s relationship with marijuana, exploring the intersection between business and pleasure, and “Bread Wars,” where it’s baguette versus brown loaf on the battlefield of bread in the sixth district of Paris as narrated by Leanne Mallard from Le Cordon Blue.

So next time you hop on a plane and head to a new destination, don’t forget your headphones.