Delta might be the ultimate wingman.

By Andrea Romano
June 29, 2017
Courtesy of Wieden + Kennedy

Yes, you can be a cool, attractive jet-setter — even if your bank account says otherwise.

If you’re constantly struggling for that perfect dating profile picture, you can leave the mirror selfies and old college photos behind. Apparently, looking like a world traveler is most likely to get you those right swipes.

But being a world traveler costs money. Have no fear, because Delta Air Lines is teaming up with Tinder to help you out.

Courtesy of Wieden + Kennedy

Delta’s “Dating Destination Wall,” located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a mural of nine different scenes of popular travel destinations. Just find your dream vacation on the wall, snap a picture, and you’ve got the perfect Tinder pic.

The campaigns, created by agency Wieden+Kennedy New York, are all part of Delta's New York Is Go initiative.

“We looked across the NYC online dating scene and noticed the overwhelming prominence of travel pics,” a spokesperson for Wieden+Kennedy told Travel + Leisure. After delving further, they found that 62 percent of men and 74 percent of women want a partner who shares their travel interests, according to research from online dating company Match Group.

The research found that one in two singles say traveling is one of their favorite things to do, and that going to a new city to meet a date would be exciting. One in three singles ranked travel as a top priority in 2017 and said they try to go somewhere different for vacation every time they travel. Their research also found that 57 percent of singles take one or more vacations a year.

Courtesy of Wieden + Kennedy

Among the beautifully painted scenes is the Eiffel Tower, a London phone booth, Egyptian pyramids, Swiss windmills, and more.

Of course, all these scenes are painted on a brick wall, so it’ll be pretty obvious that you haven’t actually been to Egypt or France. Hopefully no one will swipe right expecting wild tales of worldly adventures — having to explain that one would make for a pretty awkward date.

Courtesy of Wieden + Kennedy

Still, the colorfully painted walls make for some cute pictures. Regardless of whether you’ve been anywhere, a pretty background is a big upgrade from a bathroom selfie. The airline is encouraging people to post their snaps on Instagram with the hashtag #DeltaDatingWall.

The wall was opened for snaps on June 17 and is located on Wythe Avenue. At least they’re a good stand-in while you save up for a real international trip.