Take advantage of these on-demand apps to make a trip to your hometown a little less painful.

By Lila Battis
December 05, 2015
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Young beautiful woman getting a massage
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What could be lovelier than a weekend visiting your nearest and dearest? Eating Mom's famous pies. Flipping through photo albums with Bubbe. Babysitting your darling nephew in the throes of his tantrum phase. Explaining to Aunt Judy why you haven't settled down yet. Sleeping in your twin bed. The key to maintaining your holiday cheer in the face of such adversity: amenities. Lots and lots of amenities. And thanks to the perks of the digital age, a weekend in Worcester no longer means going without. Read on to find the best on-demand delivery apps for everything from booze (double magnum, please!) to blowouts, plus more T+L editor tips on how to survive the holidays.

The Emergency: You're stuck at your teetotaling great aunt's place and can't handle another rant from racist Uncle Frank without a sip of something high-proof.

The Fix: Drizly

How it works: Place an order via their app or site, and a local liquor store partner will snag your booze of choice and deliver it to you within the hour for the same price as retail.

See also: Minibar, Thirstie

The Emergency: Your high school friends are dragging you to homecoming, and you need a look that says, "Look how beautiful and successful I am! Who's the cool one now, Brittani-with-an-i?!"

The Fix: The Glam App

How it works: Select a hair, makeup, or nail service and a local stylist will arrive at the specified place and time ready to gussy you up. Prices start at $40 depending on service and stylist skill level.

The Emergency: You've reached your annual quota of tater tot hot dish, and Dad just brought home another bag of frozen potatoes.

The Fix: Caviar

How it works: Choose your preferred meal from a selection of top-notch restaurants, place your order on the site or app, and Caviar's couriers deliver the food straight to your door. Like if your favorite white tablecloth joint did takeout.

See also: DoorDash, Munchery

The Emergency: Your mother-in-law's constant stream of helpful suggestions has your blood pressure through the roof and your shoulders in knots.

The Fix: Zeel

How it works: Book your preferred massage style and time and a masseuse will come to you same-day, massage table in hand. Prices start at $99.

See also: Priv, Veluxe

The Emergency: Mom's spouting a slew of nonsensical ramblings, like "You're an adult!" and "You're perfectly capable of washing your own clothes!"

The Fix: Washio

How it works: Schedule a pickup on the app and a Washio 'ninja' will collect your laundry, give you a cookie (so there, Mom), and return your clothes clean and folded within 24 hours. Prices start at $30.

See also: Flycleaners, Cleanly

The Emergency: You need an ice cream cake, a Denny's Grand Slam, and a gold leotard in the next hour. For personal reasons.

The Fix: Postmates

How it works: Order the items you need from local stores via the app and a Postmates courier will deliver food, clothes, and drugstore staples in 60 minutes or less.

The Emergency: Your nausea/arthritis/glaucoma is acting up and you need some, uh, medicine… but you're stuck on pie-baking duty and can't make a run to the dispensary.

The Fix: Eaze

How it works: Load an image of your medical marijuana card, pick a preferred strain, and Eaze will have an eighth at your door in 15 minutes for $25. No card? Teleconference with a doctor and you can get a prescription and a card issued electronically. (Snoop is an investor—what more vetting could you want?)

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