By Erika Owen
July 29, 2016
Travel Pinterest Accounts

Planning a vacation is easier than ever, thanks to time- and money-saving apps, review websites, and travel tech.

Of all the social platforms available to us, there's one that stands out among the crowd for making trip planning not only easier, but fun: Pinterest. Not only can you take in some of the most beautiful travel photos and learn what to do and not do in in destinations around the world, you can plan your own trip with the intel.

Whether you're just getting started on Pinterest or are a seasoned pinner, these 7 travel-focused Pinterest accounts that are worth a look.

The Planet D

Self-proclaimed “adventure couple” Dave and Deb are out to prove that adventure travel can be right for anyone.

Their boards cover a multitude of topics, from Ultimate Canada Trips to Treks of the World. They also have boards dedicated to the different types of adventure travelers: Luxury Traveler, Cultural Traveler, and Backcountry Traveler, to name a few.

Daniel Bear Hunley

If you're planning a vacation to the American South, you don't want to miss this account.

Daniel Bear Hunley covers everything from the best spots to eat in Nashville to Americana-inspired interiors—basically everything that will get your wanderlust reeling.

Travel + Leisure

We wouldn't feel right putting this list together without mentioning all of the travel content we share on Pinterest. No matter what you're planning—a quick domestic getaway, three romantic weeks in Europe, the perfect beach trip—we're constantly sharing the ins and outs of how to have the best vacation ever.

Natalie Di Scala and Johnny Jet

Natalie Di Scala is constantly on the move—and her Pinterest account reflects the same travel-focused lifestyle.

Spend a few minutes perusing her pins and you'll catch her trend: traveling in style is something everyone can do. A few of our favorite boards: Family Travel, Santorini, and Travel Destinations.

Johnny Jet is another one to follow—we're pairing him with Natalie Di Scala because you're likely to see them traveling together (relationship goals). He travels to more than 20 countries every year, making him a go-to when it comes to planning a vacation. Check out: Travel Tips and Travel Products.


If family travel is your thing, yTravel is the pinner to follow.

They call themselves “the world's biggest family travel blog,” and the amount of content they share is proof enough. Most of their boards are dedicated to specific destinations, making it easy to find tips for your our vacation plans. Our favorite boards: yTravel Bucket List, USA Travel, and Family Travel.


Jetsetter was named the Best Brand on Pinterest in 2015—if that's enough to inspire a follow, the incredibly extensive coverage will.

The brand covers everything from wanderlust-y beach scenes to the finer notes of planning a vacation to Asia. Be sure to check out Best Travel Quotes, Award-Winning Hotels, and Where To Next.

Gary Arndt

If his website name doesn't give it away—Everything EverywhereGary Arndt is on the road more than many seasoned business travelers.

He's visited all seven continents in his travels to more than 115 countries. He's a photographer, so if you're looking for some travel inspiration, head right this way: National Parks and Greece are great boards to start with.

Erika Owen is the Senior Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.