Aerial view of beach sunbathers summer umbrella sun

With summer's gorgeous weather comes the promise of road trips, beach vacations, and long weekend getaways (preferably with a sailboat or two involved). But unlike the long school-free summers we all once took advantage of, getting away is always harder than it seems.

If you need a good kick of motivation to put your summer vacation plans in the works — whether it be a quick camping weekend at a national park or a longer European adventure — there are plenty of people on Instagram dishing out major plates of wanderlust on a daily basis. Read on if you're looking to find the best beach scenes, surf spots, and an especially adorable dog that will give you all the feels.


Jonathan Nafarrete is a film photographer based in Los Angeles. His West Coast scenes — with a few other destinations around the world thrown in for good measure — have us packing our hiking boots and swimsuits and booking a ticket for the Best Coast.

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If you're into surfing and artistically placed photo borders, run — don't walk — to Matt Bauer's account.

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It seems that Chelsea Yamase is constantly on the hunt for the most scenic overlook, whether it be from a hot air balloon in the Moab Desert or a pool in Japan.

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A quick look at her account, and you'll quickly see that Amber Mozo is a talented photographer, matched only by her surfing skills.

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This account is so insanely relatable, aside from the fact that it's "run" by two dogs. These adorable Frenchies have us wishing for days spent next to pools and late mornings sleeping in hotel beds.

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You'll find beach scenes galore on Thiago Lopez's account. If blue wasn't your favorite color before, prepare for a change of heart.

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This travel blog account follows campers around the world as they share their best gear, scenery, and camp food shots.

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This account showcases the road trip adventures of two travelers, Jill and Kyla, and the vibe is very similar to the one you give off on Instagram when you embark on a trip with your bestie.


If your summer goal is playing in the ocean as much as possible, you're going to be fast friends with Tara Michie's account.

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