4 Navigation Apps for People Who Always Get Lost

Wandering can be fun, but not all the time.

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For those of us who still struggle to navigate our hometowns, the thought of getting around a brand new city, or worse — a mountain — can be terrifying.

Technology is here to help, with apps to get you wherever you're trying to go, whether it's down a river or to grandmother's house. Google Maps is usually a safe bet for most ordinary situations, but if you're looking for something more specialized, we've got you covered.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

This traffic app has started to become something of a household name itself. It works by incorporating user input to warn drivers of accidents, traffic jams, and other obstacles that could slow you down on your way to your destination.


I-Boating offers nautical charts and fishing maps for the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australasia to take with you on your next outing at sea. For its detailed maps, there are in-app purchases costing around $20, but users rave about it on iTunes.

All Trails

Trail maps and signposts are not always properly maintained, causing hikers and bikers to get lost along a route. All Trails allows users to follow along in real-time on the app, while sharing notes and photos with friends.


Forget about texting overbearing parents or obsessive friends. The Scout app can automatically send alerts on your estimated arrival time to whomever you choose and update them as traffic or scheduling changes.

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