Best Instas to follow to plan your Iceland trip
Credit: Suppalak Klabdee/Getty Images

If it seems like everyone is planning a trip to Iceland, it's because they are. Unofficially the hottest destination of this and last year, the country has seen its fair share of tourists. In fact, it has more American tourists visit every year than it has people who live there.

With its otherworldly landscape, Northern Lights spotting, midnight sun, and great adventure travel opportunities, it truly is no surprise so many people pay it a visit. And the airlines make it cheaper than ever with programs like Icelandair's "Stopover Buddy" service—a local will show you Iceland's hidden gems while you're in the area, free of charge.

With so many things to do, planning your trip can get overwhelming. Sure, the "Travel Planner" outline on Google Sheets will get you so far. But if you're looking to do Iceland like a local, head to Instagram.

Not only are there plenty of accounts whose sole purpose seems to be dishing out insane amounts of wanderlust, but you'll also find Instagram accounts that can help you learn the language, familiarize yourself with the regional architecture, and plan some adventure tours (ATV drive, anyone?).

Ahead: an Iceland fanatic's (guilty as charged) guide to the best Iceland Instagrammers out there.

Bucket List Photo Opps: @Asasteiners

This blogger also makes some stops in other spots around the world—she's visited 52 different countries already—but her home base is Iceland. Follow to find some of the most beautiful spots for 'gramming on your next trip.

Follow her at @asasteinars.

Icelandic Design: @IcelandDesignCentre

From homes to jewelry makers to Reykjavík's annual design festival, this account is always shedding light on Iceland-based designers who are doing really, really cool things.

Follow them at @icelanddesigncentre.

A Local's View: @Stacey.Katz.Photography

This Instagram account tells the story of an ex-New Yorker living in Reykjavík. You'll find her sharing photos of other destinations around the world, but you can always tell when she lands back home—her vibrant photos of Iceland are a refreshing break from snow-covered landscapes and idyllic waterfall scenes.

Learning the Language: @EverySingleWordInIcelandic

This account is run by a New Yorker with a true love for the Icelandic language. It pairs cute illustrations depicting phonetic scenes with an audio track speaking the word. If I had to give an award for the most creative use of an Instagram account, this would hands-down be the winner.

Follow them at @everywordinicelandic.

Architecture: @Solavander

This architect finds the most stunning design details in Iceland and shares them on his account. You'll never look at another staircase or shadow against a building the same way after following him.

Follow him at @solvander.

Landscape: @Icelandair​​​​

This airline has perfected the art of crowdsourced photos with its #MyStopover community. You'll find photos from locals, travelers, and Icelandair employees proving that Iceland is just as gorgeous thousands of feet in the air as it is from the ground.

Follow them at @Icelandair.

Local Blogger: @IHeartReykjavik

This local had one purpose for her blog: prove to everyone just how awesome Iceland really is. This is a great one for planning places to visit on your next trip. Also, the I Heart Reykjavik site is a wealth of tourist information.

Follow her at @iheartreykjavik.

Moody Iceland Scenes: @Swetans

This Instagram account turns all of the images you conjure in your mind upon hearing the word "Iceland" into real, actual scenes. The vibe is certainly moody—perfect for that midday mental vacation you've been looking for.

Follow him at @swetans.

Wildlife: @Icelandic_Explorer

Despite its cold temperatures, Iceland has its own fair share of incredible wildlife. This account is exactly what it sounds like: one photographer exploring the country for the best shots of natural wonder and animals.

Follow him at @icelandic_explorer.

Northern Lights: @Simona_br_Photography

One of the most popular reasons people flock to Iceland during the wintertime is to check out the Northern Lights. Head out of Reykjavík in ay direction, and you'll find yourself faced with an outstanding view. Or, you know, check out this Instagram.

Follow her at @simona_br_photography.

Tour Operator Adventures: @MidgardAdventure

Since 2010, Midgard Adventures has been bringing people out on tours of the Icelandic countryside. Its Instagram account is a great look into the tours offered, and how beautiful some of the lesser-visited spots of the country are.

Follow them at @midgardadventures.

Trip Planners: @WhenInIceland

This Instagram account not only delivers stunning Iceland photos on a daily basis, but they'll help you plan your next trip (for free). Expect lots of Northern Lights shots, waterfalls, and glaciers.

Follow them at @wheniniceland.