Download these handy smartphone apps to make your travels easier.

Apps for a Trip to Asia
Credit: Courtesy of Klook

Traveling in a foreign country where you don't speak the local language can be difficult, especially if the street signs aren't in English. Now that there are apps for nearly everything, international travel is easier than ever. Download these nine great apps before your next trip overseas.

Hotel Quickly

Find deals on accommodations in more than 250 Asia-Pacific destinations. The thousands of hotel listings range from luxurious to no-frills. You can book a year in advance, but deep discounts are offered on next-day and same-day bookings.


Use this visual translation app in China, Japan, or South Korea. Simply point your phone’s camera at foreign text — menus, street signs, store names, etc. — and it instantly serves up an English translation and an audio pronunciation.


This restaurant-finder app is a must for travelers in India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia in search of memorable meals. The hundreds of options range from tandoori and noodle joints to fine dining.


Save up to 40 percent on flights and score deals on lodging. Traveloka sells tickets on low-cost airlines, such as Cebu Pacific, and full-service ones, like Singapore Airlines. Hotel offers include global chains such as Marriott and Hilton.


See a kung fu show in Beijing, learn about Taiwanese folk art in Taipei, or go cycling in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Use Klook to book activities, tours, excursions, spa treatments, and airport transfers in more than four dozen destinations in Asia.


The popular driving- directions app pow-ered by Google can be used abroad to navigate seamlessly through the confusion of most major cities. A team of Asia-based map editors makes sure that the routes are always current.

Jet Lag

Rooster Jet lag is always a drag, but this app helps travelers get in sync with the local time zone by providing a personalized plan. Tips include when to reset your watch, the times of day to seek light, and when to catch some z’s.

My Hong Kong Guide

Hong Kong’s Tourism Board is behind this helpful app, which guides travelers to the latest boutique hotels, trendy watering holes, off-the- beaten-path neighborhoods to explore, and more.


The Uber of Southeast Asia, Grab is the go-to app to get a taxi, motorbike, private car, or shared shuttle bus in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The company vets its drivers and gives them safety training.

Tokyo Handy Guide

In addition to providing information on Tokyo’s known attractions, this app suggests relatively undiscovered destinations, such as the scenic Ogasawara Islands. It also offers help with public transport and maps that can be used of offline.