By Clara Olshansky and Clara Olshansky /
August 08, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of allset

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With this Facebook Messenger app, you may never have to have a sad desk sandwich again. Thanks to Allset, you can have a real restaurant lunch in practically the time it would take you to slap some meat, cheese, and lettuce between two slices of bread. Basically, Allset allows you to eat a real restaurant meal with all the convenience of Seamless or GrubHub.

The main thing Allset does is cut out waiting time. If someone suggested eating a meal out in the middle of the work day, your kneejerk reaction would probably "Who has time for that?" You've got to factor in waiting for a table, waiting for your waiter to come, waiting for the food to be prepared, waiting for the check to arrive, and maybe waiting to get it back with your card. Allset lets you order in advance, pay in advance, and have your meal waiting for you on the table when you arrive.

Allset first launched in San Francisco, but now you can also use it at some restaurants in New York City. Sure, Allset is available as an Android or iPhone app, but what isn't? As of late this past July, it's also available as a Facebook chat bot, so your phone can be as dumb as you want and you can still have speedy restaurant service.

It just might transform the way you restaurants fit into your life. Take it from Allset's mission statement: "We aim at helping restaurants deliver better dining experience — everything that makes guests think: 'this place is awesome!'."