How to Have the Perfect Virtual First Date With Help From Airbnb and Bumble

Make your virtual first date seem not so virtual.

Virtual dinner date during lockdown
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Finding love is hard enough, but throw in a global pandemic and it becomes nearly impossible. Don't worry, Airbnb and Bumble are here to help — and maybe even help you meet your virtual prince or princess charming.

On Thursday, the home-sharing and online experience giant announced its new partnership with Bumble, a dating app where women get to make the first move. Their partnership has birthed a curated collection of online experiences that are ideal for virtual first dates and beyond.

"If you're single right now and looking to mingle virtually, you're not alone," Airbnb explained in a statement. "In fact, you may be among the more than 100,000 Bumble users globally who have updated their dating profiles to mention that they are quarantining. To help star-crossed matches connect from afar, Airbnb is releasing a collection of Bumble-approved Online Experiences perfect for spicing up virtual dates and engaging with each other in fun, meaningful ways."

There are a ton of virtual date options including heading to a secret jazz club together for just $12 a person or learning to cook Mexican street tacos with a professional chef together for just $9 per person. New couples can also check out tarot reading with Mak Jagger for $45 per person or even meet the Wooly Sheep of New Zealand for $13 per person. All dates range between an hour to two hours each.

Airbnb also wants to make this experience as real as possible, meaning daters can choose to go on group dates with other people present or opt for a private booking.

"While having the backup of other guests from around the world on an Online Experience with you and your match may help put first date jitters at ease, those who want to sneak away for quality time together can opt for private bookings and request specific booking dates," Airbnb said. "Booking seats through this feature has been gaining popularity, as they have tripled since pre-pandemic bookings."

What are you waiting for? Find love in the time of coronavirus by checking out Bumble and Airbnb's virtual date collection here.

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